Outdoor Concert

Saturday – July 30 – 4:00 pm

Teresa Healy is a singer-songwriter well-known in folk and activist circles across Canada. She now calls Brattleboro, Vermont, home. Healy’s first CD, She Pushed from Behind, dealt with the issues of early feminism in Canada. Her work with labour activists in the Ottawa Irish community was featured on CBC, while her peace songs have been heard around the world. As David Francey says of her writing, Teresa shows “a keen eye for the everyday.” This attention to the details of family life is at the heart of Boot Against Nettle, a collection of original songs ready to be turned into Healy’s next recording.

Tom Juravich is a singer-songwriter with deep roots in Massachusetts. He now shares a home with Teresa in southern Vermont. Tom has been writing and singing about the hopes and dreams of working people all of his life. At the core of Juravich’s music is his voice. As Pete Seeger put it, “I was impressed by your wide variety of material and frankly, jealous of your wonderful voice.” Juravich released Altar of the Bottom Line just after Healy & Juravich’s first collaboration Tangled in Our Dreams came out. PreviousCDs, World to Win and Out of Darkness were released by Flying Fish/Rounder Records.  Juravich’s songs are included in Rise up Singing and Pete Seeger’s Carry it On. http://www.tomjuravich.com

Healy & Juravich offer their audiences duets about work, life, struggle and love. Together, they have performed for union and community groups, house concerts and protest rallies in the United States and Canada. They have written songs supporting campaigns for public health care and celebrating activism. Other original songs oppose war and militarism and express solidarity with families facing the ongoing housing crisis.

Suggested donation: $20 to $30 (Pay as you are able)

This concert will be held outdoors. There will be no limitation on the audience, but you must be vaccinated against COVID. Masks are optional. Bring a comfortable chair and a picnic basket, if you wish.

More info at https://mttobyconcerts.wordpress.com/

email diacrowe@yahoo.com or call 413-336-2589


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