Maria Dunn


Saturday – May 18 – 7:30 pm

Mount Toby Friends Meeting, 194 Long Plain Rd. (Rt. 63), Leverett, MA

Mount Toby Concerts is pleased to announce the upcoming performance of an outstanding Canadian singer/songwriter of music for social change. A true preserver of the spirit of folk music, 2017 Juno nominee Maria Dunn is often compared to Woody Guthrie for her keen social awareness and her unvarnished songs about the lives of working men and women. Thirteen years as a volunteer DJ in community radio (1987-2000) encouraged Maria to listen widely to the master songwriters, singers and instrumentalists of folk and roots music. Discovering their recordings and becoming an avid fan and supporter of live music in her community, she absorbed the important messages of compassion and human struggle.

By the time she began writing her own music in the mid-90s, Maria was learning to draw deeply on the folk tradition of storytelling through song to honour the resilience and grace of “ordinary” people, past and present. In keeping with Pete Seeger’s words (1994), “The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known”, her latest recording, Gathering (April 2016), highlights stories of love—not songs of romantic love, but songs of family, community, humanity and the love that fires our actions to make the world a better place. The songs range from historical and narrative to personal and immediate, inspired by social justice stories both global and local.

Stylistically, Maria continues to expand her musical palate from her original influences: North American folk/roots and the music of her Scottish-Irish heritage. She adds musical inflections and instrumentation to evoke the countries of origin and sets her songs in styles that complement the stories they tell.

• …remarkable singer-songwriter, think of her as a distaff Woody Guthrie. – Edmonton Sun

…this is history come alive. Her lyrics are sharp and poignant… – Sunday Edition, CBC Radio

She’s assured, strong, and her versatile voice carries her songs straight to the head and heart. – Sing Out!

Suggested donation: $10 to $20

For more info:

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