dual instruments Annie and Peter


Saturday – January 16 – 7:30 pm

Annie Patterson and Peter Blood have co-created the popular songbook Rise Up Singing, often referred to as the Bible of Folk Music. The second song book, Rise Again, was released this year with 1200 more songs. They have played a central role in helping to create a quiet revolution of group singing in the U.S. in recent years. They have spent decades honing their skills as performers and songleaders in schools, churches, conferences, folk song clubs and festival across the U.S. and abroad.

In addition to traveling through out North America, the Blood-Pattersons have taken their songleading to New Zealand, Hawaii and Great Britain. They accompany their songs with guitars, banjo, mandolin, autoharp, African drum and pennywhistle. For more information on Annie & Peter and their work.

Annie has many fans who love her as a performer and recording artist. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Illustration, Annie has also worked as a graphic artist, illustrator and art teacher. Her illustrations will be featured in their upcoming songbook, Rise Again.

Her latest folk recording, Mountain Side, features stunning vocals along with haunting harmonies by the talented voices of Tracy Grammer, Katryna and Nerissa Nields, Mary Witt and Claire Taylor. This CD contains some of her favorite songs from Rise Up Singing. Annie chose songs that reflected her love for the old timey banjo, her Patterson family ties to the US Civil War, and her commitment to social change.

Visit their website for more info:

You can buy tickets (and copies of the songbook Rise Again at a discount) online for this concert prior to the show at:

Songbooks will also be available to borrow or purchase on the night of the concert.


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