Saturday, November 21, 7:30 pm

      Singer-songwriter and labor activist Tom Juravich, paints intimate portraits of the everyday struggles and dreams of workers. A Western Massachusetts resident, Tom works for and sings about labor and the people’s struggle to earn a living wage. In his book, Altar of the Bottom Line, Tom takes us behind the statistics of the economic collapse and into the work and lives of Americans who feel stressed, exploited, exhausted and abandoned. An accomplished musician,  he wrote a series of songs based on the interviews he did for the book and they are included on the  CD of the same name.

     Along with his partner in song and life, Teresa Healy, Tom created the album, Tangled in Our Dreams, an acoustic recording of mostly original duets about work, peace, struggle and love.  Healy & Juravich trade melodies and weave tight vocal harmonies on every track. Together, Healy’s clear, Irish-influenced alto and Juravich’s huskier baritone combine as if they have been singing together their whole lives. In fact, they only began working together in January 2006 when they recorded Healy’s “Song for Peace,” which was written for the hostages and detainees in Iraq.

     From the title song of Tangled in Our Dreams come the hopeful wishes  for peace and justice:

                  May we always find the strength to fight another day
                  May we outlast the bosses, may the prisons fade away
                  May our eyes be ever open to the glory of the spring
                  May we feel the life in stillness and hear freedom as it sings

Listen at:

Suggested donation: $10 to $20


For more info, call 413-548-9394

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